[Good News] Coming To Faith

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Coming to Faith

I Believe…

We begin our profession of faith by saying: “I believe” or “We believe.” Before expounding the Church’s faith, as confessed in the Creed, celebrated in the liturgy, and lived in observance of God’s commandments and in prayer, we must first ask what “to believe” means.

“I believe…” What could we possibly say about these two little words? What does it mean to say “I believe?” Are there not many things we can believe in? Is believing just some personal choice to believe in something that makes us feel better about ourselves? Do we simply feel more secure if we choose to believe in something greater than ourselves?


And what about the question of “Why?” Why do I believe what I do? Is it just because this is what I was taught as a child? Is it simply because I have no reason not to believe what I was taught?


Throughout history there have been countless people who have tackled these questions. Some were among the most brilliant minds this world has known. Others have exercised very little intellectual power. But it’s true that the countless masses of people throughout history have pondered the question of belief. Some have done it in a very public way through books and articles. Some have discussed these matters at home with a spouse, children or friends. And others have kept these questions inside pondering them for themselves not sharing their reflections for fear of judgment or criticism


What has your journey of belief looked like? Have you looked deeply at the question of your beliefs? Do you even know what you believe? Have you tackled the tough questions of God, the creation of the universe, the afterlife, the moral life, worship and the like?


If you’ve pondered these questions and come to some sort of conclusion then have you also looked deeply at that second question of “Why?” Why do I believe this or that? Do I have a good reason for my beliefs? Or am I embarrassed or fearful to take a stand and make my convictions known?


The goal of this book is to address these questions head on. And it’s essential that we look at this question of belief as a question first. In other words, unless we understand the question, and all the subsequent questions that go hand and hand with that question, we will never be able to properly come to the right answer. The true answer. The answer we truly believe and are willing to stake our life on. But unless we’ve walked through the question properly, done our due diligence, explored all possibilities, and sought out the truth, then we will have a very hard time saying, with any real conviction, those two little words… “I believe!”


This chapter deals with faith, belief and the process of coming to faith and certainty. Take your time in reflecting upon it and don’t move on until you’ve properly done your part. This is not only an intellectual exercise, it’s also an exercise in openness to the Truth. It’s an exercise in engaging the truth as it is, letting it sink in and letting it transform your life.


Think about the world of God



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